Shop Makeover

Here are the before and after pics of what's been going on. There are still a few things to happen but, at least for now, it's an improvement.

Before the Cleaning

On June 30th, we (my wife and I)started to pull everything away from the walls to see what kind of mess I had going on. I had been looking at this mess for a few weeks and couldn't for the life of me, figure out where to start. That saying "Behind every great man is a great woman" comes to mind at the moment. Thank you, Denise. During the course of the week of July 4th, renovations got underway. Having thrown out the old benches (old friends after 20 plus years of service / 30 years on the original), it was time to construct new benches and a new shop layout. The original layout of the shop worked great in the beginning but it's usefulness had come to an end. Not having much of an idea as to how I wanted things, I just let it develop on its own. Different ideas, such as having the walls white with no pegboard was one priority. Keep it as clean and simple as possible was my intentions. Having the tools organized in a way that I didn't have to go looking for them all the time was a another necessity. How I was going to accomplish this, I wasn't sure. It's amazing how much clutter can build in twenty years
Something finally had to be done.


Here are a some pictures of the shop after ripping it apart. Can you tell the difference? This is the biggest change to happen to date since opening my doors at this location. Well, with a blank slate (wall), I let things go in their own direction. Problem solving now became a way of life for a few days. See a mess and figure out how to organize it. And this is the result. Completely different from what I had going on and a major improvement.
There's finally walking space. When you talk sometimes you can actually hear an echo now when it's quiet. The tools are all organized on a roll-about caddy that I came up with that goes from work station to work station. Any parts are organized on the back side of the tools. Also keeping them close at hand when needed. What's funny is there wasn't very much to get thrown out. Reorganizing everything gave me the space that I needed. Unfortunately, there were no treasures to be found buries under something or fallen behind somewhere that you haven't seen in a while You'll notice in the last picture, my new friend. This is Trump. Unfortunately, we had to have Sophie put to rest back in March. Trump comes to me by way of the same breeder that Sophie arrived to me. He's a very welcome addition.
I still have another big change to make which should happen early this fall. More pictures to follow when this last big change happens.