Shop Policy

  1. Minimum Bench Charge = $20.00
  2. All work over $200.00 will require a 50% deposit before being started.
  3. All work is to be covered in full before leaving the shop (unless waranty coverage is being applied)
  4. Any work not picked up within 7 days after the completion date will be charged $3.00/ day storage thereafter.
  5. Rush work will be charged as follows:
    Same day : Normal charge plus 50%
    Next day : Normal charge plus 25%
  6. No charge for re-adjustment (only on work performed) up to 15 days after completion (not after being picked up)
  7. Any work not picked up within 30 days will be for sale.
  8. Any instrument (with a decision of not having any work performed), left after 5 days will be charged $3.00/day for storage
  9. Warranty work must be accompanied with a photocopy of the original sales slip (proving you are the original owner), prior to the work being performed. Some companies now require that you register online or by mail before warranty work can be approved by them. Failure to prove original ownership by the time of pick up, will require full payment upon completion of work performed.
  10. Only work that is covered under the individual company's warranty policy will be billed to the company. Any non-warranty work or parts will be billed to the customer and must be covered at the time of pick up.
  11. All sales are final on parts and accessories. Any defective product must be returned within 3 working days for credit only.

The reason for having a strict policy is to have some leverage on the few who decide that they want the work done but think they can pick up the work a few weeks (months, year?) later after completion. Being a one man shop, there are only so many hours to a week that can be worked to make up a weeks pay. If the work is getting done that week and is not picked up, then extra hours are needed to try and make up the difference to keep going. It is not uncommon to work eighty hours in a week just to barely make ends meet by the end of the week with what has been picked up. The best thing to do is to call if there is a problem and a solution can be worked out. Ninety per cent of my work is through word of mouth with repeat customers being quite common (some customers I have done work for, for over two decades). This policy is meant to try and keep things flowing smoothly for both the customer and the shop so please don't be offended. This has taken years to refine and will probably still be updated in the future with the changing nature of the business (it's funny but the only ones who take objection to the policy are the ones who abuse it). Usually, things go without a glitch to the point of the shop policy never even being mentioned. Please keep in mind that this is meant for the few (and you know who you are).