Shop Hours

By Appointment

**New Schedule**

Because of health issues, I've had to cut back quite a bit for what I can handle. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to take on more.

*** Currently, I am only taking in repairs from past customers. ***

If you have a instrument, that is needing attention, you can text me at 508-261-5020. Please include your name, the instrument make and model, and what you would like to have done. I will let you know if it's possible for me to take it in at that time. Please, don't be offended if I get back to you, saying that I can't take it in. There will be times that this happens. It is not meant to be a personal offense against you. It's just that there will be times that it is physically impossible for me to take your repair on. **Unfortunately, at this time, I don't have a referral for when I'm not able to take something in.**